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    Not related to the applicant, who have known the student for a minimum of seven years.

  • Important Information

    Application Dates

    Application along with all documentation for the “award” will be due no later than April 14, 2017. Applications for this scholarship can be found on the Rotary Club of Colonial Park website ( under the CP Rotary Foundation tab. Applications for the second semester will be announced each year on the Rotary Club of Colonial Park website as listed above.

    Selection Committee

    The committee shall consist of a maximum of three (3) individuals from the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation board and one (1) of whom has a background in the field of this scholarship.


    The student who receives this award is also required to attend the presentation of the award at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park. Also, any other meeting of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park requiring the student attendance will be given to the student at the beginning of each semester. Each student will be asked to share with the club what this award has meant to them and provide an update each semester of the student’s activities and status in writing.

    Submission of Application

    Please submit your 2017 application online before April 14, 2017. Scholarship applications postmarked after April 14, 2017 will not be considered.

    The scholarship application can also be found on the website of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Click on the CP Rotary Foundation tab

    Terms of Award

    The student must demonstrate mechanical aptitude to be considered for this scholarship. The student must be accepted into a degree program before the scholarship shall be awarded. The student may be a recipient of another scholarship. The award will usually not be given for an additional academic year. However, if no high school senior applies for this scholarship the scholarship could be granted to the previous year’s winner. The student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or equivalent based on a 4.0 scale.

    Upon completion of each college semester the student must send a transcript of their mid-term or year-end grades to the Foundation to show a 3.0 average or better to continue to receive award funds for the next semester. The recipient shall submit the invoice from the school they are attending or will attend for the semester to the Foundation for direct payment to the school when received. Funds will be issued on a semester basis for an amount up to five thousand ($5,000) for tuition and fees, (or less if the semester costs are less) at the beginning of each semester payable to the academic institution in the student’s name. If any funds remain after payment of tuition and fees, the student may be reimbursed for textbooks upon submission of proper documentation. The total award for tuition, fees and textbooks will not exceed $5,000. At the completion of the first semester the student may apply for another award up to five thousand ($5,000) for the next semester if all requirements are met. Any cost to the individuals over the scholarship award will be the responsibility of the student receiving the award.

    The Foundation will review all applications prior to the beginning of each school year and prior to the start of the following semester. Timelines will be given to the student receiving the award with dates applications are due for the next semester.

    Scholarships shall not be awarded to any member or immediate family member or relative of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park or the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation.