Shirley Swartz Nursing Associates Degree Application

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  • Financial Information

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  • Scholarship Information

    Application Dates

    Application along with all documentation for the “award” will be due no later than April 14, 2017. Applications for this scholarship can be found on the Rotary Club of Colonial Park website ( under the CP Rotary Foundation tab. Applications for the second semester will be announced each year on the Rotary Club of Colonial Park website as listed above.

    Selection Committee

    The committee shall consist of a maximum of three (3) individuals from the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation board and one (1) of whom has a background in the field of this scholarship.


    The student who receives this award is also required to attend the presentation of the award at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park. Also, any other meeting of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park requiring the student attendance will be given to the student at the beginning of each semester. Each student will be asked to share with the club what this award has meant to them and provide an update each semester of the student’s activities and status in writing.

    Checklist of items to be submitted with application

    • Scholarship application
    • Copy of high school transcript with a minimum 3.0 GPA
    • A letter of recommendation from the student’s guidance counselor
    • A list of other awards the student has applied for
    • A letter of recommendation from two individuals in the community, not related to the applicant, who have known the student for a minimum of seven years
    • A 300 word essay about the Nursing Degree program explaining why you would like to study in this program, how it fits within your future goals and what will be your major in college. Include any experiences (e.g. work, research, leadership, or extra-curricular) that have been important to you.
    • Briefly address any of the following ONLY if it applies to you:
      • If you have overcome personal hardship or barriers that impacted your educational pathway
      • If your intent is to pursue more than one major, please provide an intellectual or career justification for the double-degree
    • A 300 word essay why the student needs the financial assistance and how your college degree will contribute to your life aspirations
    • Financial aid documentation
    • Colleges you have applied to and which ones you have been accepted to as of date of this application.